The project is over / Projektet er afsluttet

The "God nabo" group.

The “God nabo” group.

The project En god nabo er guld værd was formally over when the final report was submitted to Nordplus.

Looking back will bring back many memories and a lot of things have been done. During the autumn semester working with culture was dominant and participants in both countries learned a lot about the connection between Denmark and Iceland through the centuries. Many of the students didn’t know about this close relationship. The story became so alive when walking the streets of Copenhagen and Roskilde and following in the footsteps of the ancestors. We will always remember the trip to Denmark.

In the spring semester the emphasis was on the Global goals set by the United Nations and especially goals number 12, 13 and 14 which influence both countries in many ways. Students explain their tasks in their own way and point out what needs to be changed in order to improve.  Most of the student’s work can be found on this web page which is a fine memorial about good and instructive work between those two neighbor countries. Although the project is now formally completed, many friendships were made, and they will hopefully last.

Thank you all for a good and rewarding partnership.
Hjördís and Guðmundur Ingi

Opgaven En god nabo er guld værd var forbi da den sidste rapport blev afliveret til Nordplus.

Da man ser tilbage er der mange ting at mindes og mange ting har vi lavet.  I efterårssemester handlede det om kultur og eleverne i begge lande lærte en del om forbindelsen mellem Island og Danmark gennem tiden.  Der var mange som ikke kendte noget til hvor stærk den forbindelse var og er mellem de to lande.  Historien stod pludselig levende for eleverne da vi gik gennem gaderne i København og Roskilde i forspor vores forfedre.  Eleverne vil længe mindes rejsen til Danmark.

På forårssemester arbejdede elever i begge lande med De forenede nationes bæredygtige udvikling vurdering og særlig dem der knytter sig til begge lande.  Da eleverne fra vores samarbejds skole kom til Island arbejde alle i grupper hvor der blev arbejdet med opgaver der knyttede sig til De forenede nationes bæredygtige udvikling vurdering 12, 13 og 14.  Eleverne forklarede opgaverne og pejede på hvad der skulle forandres og hvad man kunne gøre på en bedre mode.

På hjemmesiden kan man se de fleste opgaver.  Den er en god mindeste om et gode og lærende opgaver mellem de to nationer.  Selv om opgaven er forbi opstod der hos mange vennskab hvor eleverne stadig er i forbindelse med hinanden og måske vil den venskab holde for hele livet.

Vi vil takke for et godt og givende samarbejde.
Hjördís og Guðmundur Ingi

Sunday the 31st of March

Since WOW Air has ceased to exist, we had some more time to explore Reykjavík.

After breakfast we all took a walk through the streets of this wonderful city. Among other things we saw the Parliament building, the Harpa concert hall and the Solfar sculpture, before letting the students indulge in the obligatory purchase of souvenirs.

At three o’clock we left for the airport in Keflavík to fly home to Denmark, which we did at six and without the airline going bankrupt 😉

Thank you Iceland 🇮🇸 and “på gensyn”


Saturday the 30th of March

Today we left Höfn, to go to Reykjavík. It has been an absolutely wonderful stay and all students were a bit sad to leave, and yet happy to be heading home; -filled with good memories.

We were accompanied by Gudmundur, as our guide, on the bus ride. He showed us Gullfoss, Geysers and Pingvellir. All breathtaking sites, to join the vast collection of experiences  that we have had during our visit.

After having enjoyed a late dinner at the hostel in Reykjavík, some of the students went to the swimming pools.

Now we need a good nights sleep and are looking forward to be going back to Denmark tomorrow.


Friday the 29th of March

Friday, which was our last day in Höfn (which is pronounced [høp]), started with the good news that we, despite WOW’s bankruptcy, are going home on Sunday as planned (a little later, though).

The students went on working with their group work until we all, at 10 o’clock, went visiting both a  stone exhibition and and an old fisherman’s hut. After lunch we all got onboard a rescue boat. We also went sailing with a pilot boat, struggling with the big waves.

The school day ended with an evaluation of the project work with both the Danish and Icelandic students – and we all saw some of the different group’s films.

In the evening we all gathered in a restaurant for a final common meal: Pizzas 🙂 We thanked each other for a fantastic week – maybe (hopefully) some of the students and teachers from both countries will see each other again som day.

After dinner a large group of students from both countries went to the indoor football playground for a final cozy evening with each other.

Next update will be about our trip back to Reykjavik…

Thursday the 28th of March

It has been yet another exciting day here in Höfn.

The students are working hard on finishing their projects, which seem promising. Some are making short films while others are writing rapports.

After enjoying the daily oatmeal at ten, we visited both the shop of two local artists and saw the art exhibition, displaying art from Svavar Guðnason and another local artist, at the town hall.

After lunch we got the unique experience of visiting the local fish factory and a large fishing boat. Both with guided tours done by firsthand experts in their fields.

Unfortunately, the day also brought us some bad news. The airline company that we are flying with have announced that it is bankrupt, which means that their planes are forced to stay on the ground with immediate effect. Lucky for us though, we are covered by our travel insurance, so we will be getting home. The question is however, how or when this will be…..?

Wednesday the 27th of March

Today the Danish students made their presentations about Danish traditions, food, culture and other things. Afterwards we all took part in an Islandic orienteering game before going home with their Islandic hosts eating traditional food.

In the evening we all met at the school and made various kahoots about different things.

We’re now looking forward to Thursday’s programme – for instance our big project work.

Tuesday the 26th of March

Today we had the most magnificent drive from Reykjavík to Höfn. We were amazed by the majestic scenery of Iceland, varying from waterfalls to lava fields, a very interesting and educational lava center, glaciers, the Atlantic Ocean and a picturesque ice lake. -Not to mention the amazing mountains towering over us along the way.

When we arrived at Höfn, all Danish students went home with their Islandic partners and are now safely accommodated around town.

Monday the 25th of March

Today we arrived safely in Iceland. We met up with Hjördís, who kindly made the travel to Reykjavík to give us a warm welcome and show us around the town.

We are staying at a nice hostel, which is placed close to the centre of town.

After having eating a ton of pizzas, a few of us went sightseeing with Hjördís. Among other things, we saw the shopping streets, the parliament building and the Harpa concert hall.

To finish of a long, but very interesting day, we went to a public swimming pool, just next to the hostel. Here we enjoyed the different pools with various temperatures, all heated by thermal energy.

Now we are looking forward to tomorrow, when we are travelling to Höfn, to meet our Icelandic friends.

En julehilsen fra Island

Det er udsygten fra læreværelset i FAS.

Vi takker for god modtagelse og et godt samvær i forbindelse med vores besøg.  Vores elever er meget tilfreds med besøget i jeres skole og til Danmark. Vi glæder os alle til at møde jer igen til næste år.

Vi ønsker jer en rigtig god jul og et godt nyt år.

Mange hilsner

Gumundur Ingi, Hjördís og eleverne

Ondsdag, den 7. november

I dag var den sidste dag i Danmark.
Vi vågnede tidligt og spiste morgenmad:  Morgenmaden var ikke god. 9:30 var vi i lufthavnen og vi fyldte vores mave, fordi alle var sultne. 11:30 skulle vi flyve til Island, men flyet blev forsinket. Endelig klokken 12.00 kom vi af sted hjem til Island. Vi landede i Island 15:00 og alle købte lidt slik til familie og venner i den toldfri butik.
Vi stoppede i KFC for at spise, ligesom da vi var på vej til Denmark. Nu venter vi bare på at komme hjem til vores familier og hvile i bussen og tænke på, hvor god turen har været.
Vi vil gerne takke Hjördís og Gudmundur for at passe så godt  på os og til en god tur til Danmark!

Skrivet af Freyja, Guðbjörg, Haukur