Thursday the 28th of March

It has been yet another exciting day here in Höfn.

The students are working hard on finishing their projects, which seem promising. Some are making short films while others are writing rapports.

After enjoying the daily oatmeal at ten, we visited both the shop of two local artists and saw the art exhibition, displaying art from Svavar Guðnason and another local artist, at the town hall.

After lunch we got the unique experience of visiting the local fish factory and a large fishing boat. Both with guided tours done by firsthand experts in their fields.

Unfortunately, the day also brought us some bad news. The airline company that we are flying with have announced that it is bankrupt, which means that their planes are forced to stay on the ground with immediate effect. Lucky for us though, we are covered by our travel insurance, so we will be getting home. The question is however, how or when this will be…..?

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