Friday the 29th of March

Friday, which was our last day in Höfn (which is pronounced [høp]), started with the good news that we, despite WOW’s bankruptcy, are going home on Sunday as planned (a little later, though).

The students went on working with their group work until we all, at 10 o’clock, went visiting both a  stone exhibition and and an old fisherman’s hut. After lunch we all got onboard a rescue boat. We also went sailing with a pilot boat, struggling with the big waves.

The school day ended with an evaluation of the project work with both the Danish and Icelandic students – and we all saw some of the different group’s films.

In the evening we all gathered in a restaurant for a final common meal: Pizzas 🙂 We thanked each other for a fantastic week – maybe (hopefully) some of the students and teachers from both countries will see each other again som day.

After dinner a large group of students from both countries went to the indoor football playground for a final cozy evening with each other.

Next update will be about our trip back to Reykjavik…

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