Sunday the 31st of March

Since WOW Air has ceased to exist, we had some more time to explore Reykjavík. After breakfast we all took a walk through the streets of this wonderful city. Among other things we saw the Parliament building, the Harpa concert hall and the Solfar sculpture, before letting the students indulge in the obligatory purchase of […]

Saturday the 30th of March

Today we left Höfn, to go to Reykjavík. It has been an absolutely wonderful stay and all students were a bit sad to leave, and yet happy to be heading home; -filled with good memories. We were accompanied by Gudmundur, as our guide, on the bus ride. He showed us Gullfoss, Geysers and Pingvellir. All […]

Friday the 29th of March

Friday, which was our last day in Höfn (which is pronounced [høp]), started with the good news that we, despite WOW’s bankruptcy, are going home on Sunday as planned (a little later, though). The students went on working with their group work until we all, at 10 o’clock, went visiting both a  stone exhibition and […]

Thursday the 28th of March

It has been yet another exciting day here in Höfn. The students are working hard on finishing their projects, which seem promising. Some are making short films while others are writing rapports. After enjoying the daily oatmeal at ten, we visited both the shop of two local artists and saw the art exhibition, displaying art […]