Thursday the 28th of March

It has been yet another exciting day here in Höfn. The students are working hard on finishing their projects, which seem promising. Some are making short films while others are writing rapports. After enjoying the daily oatmeal at ten, we visited both the shop of two local artists and saw the art exhibition, displaying art […]

Wednesday the 27th of March

Today the Danish students made their presentations about Danish traditions, food, culture and other things. Afterwards we all took part in an Islandic orienteering game before going home with their Islandic hosts eating traditional food. In the evening we all met at the school and made various kahoots about different things. We’re now looking forward […]

Tuesday the 26th of March

Today we had the most magnificent drive from Reykjavík to Höfn. We were amazed by the majestic scenery of Iceland, varying from waterfalls to lava fields, a very interesting and educational lava center, glaciers, the Atlantic Ocean and a picturesque ice lake. -Not to mention the amazing mountains towering over us along the way. When […]

Monday the 25th of March

Today we arrived safely in Iceland. We met up with Hjördís, who kindly made the travel to Reykjavík to give us a warm welcome and show us around the town. We are staying at a nice hostel, which is placed close to the centre of town. After having eating a ton of pizzas, a few […]