Alma Karolina Dideriksen

Hi, my name is Alma Karolina Dideriksen and I’m 16 years old. I live in Christiania with my mom and my dad. I have always lived there. I love to live in Christiania because it’s like everyone knows everyone and it’s like a jungle in the middle of the big city.

I have a big brother and a big sister. They both live very close to were I live. They both have a child and I love spending time with them.

I have lots of energy except in the morning. I talk a lot, sometimes a little too much. I’m a happy person but sometimes I’m a little bit pessimistic. I like to hear punk, rock, punk rock, heavy metal. I don’t like pop music but I can listen to it when I’m at parties.

I don’t have any pets because I don’t have the time and I’m allergic to dust and there is a lot dust in animal fur.

I had a job before I started at Fårevejle fri- og efterskole but I kind of can’t have at job while I’m going at Fårevejle fri- og efterskole so I had to quit it.

I don’t have any sport hobbies but I like hanging out with my friends.

I do lots of crazy stuff with my friends that makes us laugh.

I love to travel and I travel a lot with my mom and dad. Sometimes it’s just trip to Germany or Sweden and sometimes it’s a bigger trip to something like Italy or Croatia or a country outside Europe.

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