Emil Giese

My name is Emil Heelsberg Giese, I’m 15 years old, my birthdate is the 13/12/02 and I live in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. I have a mom and a dad and a big brother. My brother has just turned 19, and both of my parents are over 50.

I have a lot of hobbies, I love all sports with a ball fx football, basket. I have been playing basket in a club for two years, but I’ve played for a lot longer. Also I’ve played football for about four years, but like basket, I’ve played it for a lot longer with my friends in my spear time. I also like music. I like listening to it and playing it. I’m not the best on a guitar, but I can play a few chords. I like being outside, with my friends.

I also have a lot of friends, but its only in the weekends I have a chance to see them, because right now I’m living at my school, and it sounds very weird, but it is great. Imagine if you were living with your friends on a school. It is called efterskole in Danish. And it has only been two weeks, but it feels like a lot longer.

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