Ida Eske Hansen

My name is Ida Eske Hansen, and I’m 16 years old. I live in a smaller town near Copenhagen in Denmark, called Tårnby. I have two siblings, an older one, and a younger one. My older sister, Sofie, is 18 years old, and my little sister, Anna, is 13 years old.

I’ve played handball for almost eight years, but quit about a year ago. I really enjoy being with friends, and hearing music. Mostly pop, and I LOVE Shawn Mendes, and a boy band called “Why don’t we”. I’ve been to several concerts, and I love going, especially with my friends. I like to be creative, and making things with my hands like paintings and things like that.

Before I started at this school, I went to school with 3 of my best friends. Karoline, Azha and Amanda. My class wasn’t the best, but I spoke with most of the people there.

I chose to start at this school to try to get more independent, and improve myself, so I’ll be ready and well prepared for new challenges in the future.

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