Josepha Pan Thomsen

My name is Josepha Pan Thomsen, I’m 15 years old, probably 16 when you get this. I live in Denmark, Copenhagen, in an area called “Nørrebro”. Nørrebro is currently classified as a ghetto, and there is a lot of gangs, which I have to admit is a downside to living there. But it’s full of amazing and interesting people, there’s always life in the streets, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

I’m currently spending a year at something called an “efterskole” which is a type of boarding school. The concept is that you can spend a year of your regular school year, ninth or tenth grade for example, in a bunch of houses with all the other kids at your school, so it’s basically a boarding school, the difference being that people view it in a way more positive way.

I live in a house with 11 other people, 4 boys and 7 girls. We used to be 8 but one of the girls in my house recently dropped out. I’m taking both normal classes like math and Danish, but I’m also taking music and soccer. I’m considering dropping soccer though cause I can’t play for shit.

I haven’t really said anything about my family yet. I have a mom and a dad (Ninna and Claus) and a little sister and a little brother. Until last week I didn’t have any pets, but my sister recently acquired 9 “vandrende pinde” which roughly translates to “walking sticks”.

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