Kamilla Kristensen

Hello, my name is Kamilla Kristensen and I’m 15 years old. I live in Denmark, with my mom Helle, dad Thomas and big brother Jonas. My parents are divorced so I live in two places. Most of the time I live in Jyllinge with my mom and her boyfriend, my big brother and my rabbit. But I also live with my dad in the weekends. My dad lives in Måløv, he also has a girlfriend, but they aren’t living together, like my mom and her boyfriend.

Before I came to Faarevejle Efterskole I used to ride in my spear time on my horse Mon amour. So I love horses and animals. But of course I also spend a lot of time with my friends and family. Family and friends mean a lot to me and I think it’s an importing thing, to have good friends around you. This school is new to me, but I love to be here, and I’ve already gotten a lot of good friends.

Faarvejle efterskole is a lovely place, with a lot of funny people and people with big smiles. The teachers are sweet and funny people, and you can always talk with them even if it’s just a small thing. My class is not a “normal” 10th grade. We’re called 10+. So we’re making a lot of projects. But the other 10th grade is having normal class with other lessons. Of course we have Danish, math and stuff like that, but not as much as the other classes.

I’m very exited to go and visit your place. At my old school I went to Spain, with my class so I’ve been doing an exchange before, and I really liked it. I hope Iceland can teach me new stuff, and of course new people.

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