Mads Ahrenkiel Hansen

My name is Mads Ahrenkiel Hansen. I’m 16 years old, and I live in a city called Hvidovre, close to Copenhagen. I’ve played football ever since I was a little kid, and stopped a year ago. I started playing computer games by then, mainly playing cs:go.

I recently started at Faarevejle Efterskole. An “efterskole” is a concept we have only in Denmark. Basically it’s you and your classmates living on the school with a lot of subjects of choice, and a lot of free time to hang out with your new friends, who also started at the school. At Faarevejle you live in houses of 12-16, which is quite awkward the first day. You then start bonding with the other guys and girls in your house. I personally live in a three-man room with two other guys called Kristoffer and Sami.

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