Sami Selam

Hey to whoever reads this.

My name is Sami Selam and I usually live in the Capital of Denmark but right now I live in a little house with both girls and boys at my age. We all live at the school. We live 13 people in my house. All together we are 147 students at this school.

This type school is called “after school” and you can only go to such a school after you have attended school for 8-9 years.

I don’t have that much to say about me, other than my farvoite color is green, my favorite food is pasta and my personality is based on me being pretty dumb sometimes and confused, but I think that I am also a good guy and relatively normal.

When I am home in the Capital, also called Copenhagen, I live with my mom and sometimes my dad because they unfortunately got a divorce last year which is sad, but I am use to it now though.

I love playing games on my ps4 and my computer and watching Netflix or YouTube and when I am not doing that I hang out with my friends.

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