Victor Birch Morsing


My name is Victor Birch Morsing, and I’m 16 years old and live in Denmark. I have a sister and she is 23 years old. My mom and dad are divorced and they don’t live together. I live in Roskilde with my mom, which is a semi-big city in Denmark. And I live in Holbæk with my dad, which is a bit smaller town.

I’m in 10th grade, at Faarevejle fri- og efterskole. Before I came here I was at hvalsø school, which is situated between Holbæk and Roskilde.

I have been travelling a lot throughout my life. I have been to a lot of places. I have mostly traveled around Europe, but a few times I have been out of Europe. I like to travel, and see some different cultures. I love to ski and have been on a lot of ski trips in Europe, mostly in Austria, France, Italy and Norway.

In my future I want to travel a lot, and when I’m done with school I’m going to Austria as a ski instructor for 6 months. After that I don’t know where I want to go, but I have some plans to see Australia and New Zealand. I also want to travel with my friends and get some funny holidays with my them. I just want to go out of Europe and see some different countries. That’s what I want to do In my future.

In my spear time, I like to be with my friends, I don’t do any sports or something like that.

I have been playing football a lot, and swimming. But I got bored so I stopped, and now I’m just with my friends most of the time.

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