Rasmus Bredo Jensen

My name is Rasmus Bredo Jensen and I come from Denmark. I have a big sister and both a mom and a dad, who are still together. I live close to Copenhagen in a smaller town called Tårnby, in a house with a garden. I’m currently in continuation school where I live with 150-ish other teenagers. We both go to school and are together in our spear time. We have lots of fun here, and the teachers are very good.

I have a job in a supermarket named Rema 1000, I don’t work there because it’s good, but because it’s right down the road. I started in the beginning of July and I still have the job even though I can’t get to work because I’m at school in another place in Denmark.

I have an interest in gaming and I have E-sports on my schedule.  Here we talk tactics and ways to win so we have the control when we are in a match.

But I also like being active and play sports, it’s just fun and a different kind of relaxing because you don’t have to think of anything, you just need your game sense.

I have traveled a bit, I have been to Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and some other countries. Me and my family mostly travel south because my mom only wants to feel nice and warm when she travels to another country.

I have a dream of becoming an engineer and to build things I can say I was a part of, but if I choose to be an engineer I still have 6 years of school left after this year. Therefore I have chosen this year where I can relax and build my personality instead of only thinking of my school.

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